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3D Borosilicate Glass Printer Plates
for 3D printer thermal heat plates.

There are hundreds of different types of glass. Borosilicate 3.3 is one type of glass that is very well suited for 3D printer Thermal heat plates.

In short, borosilicate 3.3 is inert (doesn’t affect the chemical properties of what is put onto it) and has a suitable thermal coefficient of heat expansion (it can take heat without changing its shape). It is also strong. That leaves it as an excellent choice for a 3D printer thermal heat bed plate.

We have a variety of 3d printer plates available in stock and others can be provided to order.

Our plates are all 2.6mm thick, there’s no need for thicker; another attribute of borosilicate glass is its strength. 

Without wanting to blow our trumpet too much, we are scientific glassblowers and we deal with borosilicate glass all day every day. Hopefully that goes some way to show that we can help you by offering a significant degree of expertise. Get your 3D Borosilicate Glass Printer Plates from us!


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